1917 Willard Maps

Many months ago, Mr. Craig Williams, Curator of History at the New York State Museum at Albany, sent me copies of two Willard State Hospital Maps from 1917: Willard West and East. I finally had a chance to work on them. As you can see, the complex was quite large, about 1,000 acres. The Branch (Grand View – Old State Agricultural College) is on the Willard East Map located at the bottom of the page. Click on the maps to enlarge. Willard Map Index

Willard Map 1917

Willard Map West 1917

I cropped the map so that you would be able to see the layout of each building. Chapin House is the Main Building. As far as I can tell, Willard was NOT a Kirkbride Building. The Maples was one of the cottages (detached buildings or blocks), that was built differently than the other three cottages.

97 Chapin House (Main Building)

97 Chapin House (Main Building)

63 The Maples (DB1)

63 The Maples (DB1)

105 The Pines (DB2)

105 The Pines (DB2)

44 Sunnycroft (DB3)

44 Sunnycroft (DB3)

107 Edgemere (DB4)

107 Edgemere (DB4)

Willard Map East 1917

Willard Map East 1917

Willard Map East - Grand View (The Branch)

15 Grand View (The Branch)


3 thoughts on “1917 Willard Maps

  1. Thank you so much for the map! I appreciate all the work — time and effort and love you put into this project. Thank you for sharing!


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