Mental Illness & Prisons

It took 150 years but it appears we have come full circle in the way we treat the mentally ill. 

Ackerman + Gruber | Minneapolis Editorial and Advertising Photographers | 612.293.7175 |

After banging on his cell door for six hours straight with his fist and head, the officers restrained an inmate who was threatening to kill himself. (Ackerman + Gruber | Minneapolis Editorial and Advertising Photographers | 612.293.7175 |

TRAPPED: Mental Illness In America’s Prisons – Feature Video by Jenn Ackerman

No Peace Outside “The Box” For People With Mental Illness In New York’s Prisons by Paul Grondahl 4.25.2013

Mental Illness In California Prisons 4.10.2013

TRAPPED: The Story Of The Mentally Ill In Prison by David Rosenberg 4.1.2013

Prison Or Treatment For The Mentally Ill by Allen Frances, M.D. 3.10.2013

Patients As Prisoners, Jails New Mental Health Institutions CBS News 3.5.2013

Indiana Scrambles To Address Ruling On Mentally Ill Inmates by Tim Evans 1.2.2013

Closing New York State Psychiatric Hospitals Is Dangerous by DJ Jaffe 3.19.2012

Nation’s Jails Struggle With Mentally Ill Prisoner’s NPR 9.4.2011

Deinstitutionalization: A Psychiatric “Titanic” Frontline 1997

Lost Lesson Of Mental Health – New York Times 4.17.1990

State Psychiatric Hospitals Forced To Change Or Close by Dava Sobel 2.10.1981


3 thoughts on “Mental Illness & Prisons

  1. PBS:Frontline did a good show several years ago, and it was titled ‘The New Asylums’, which talks about how prisons & jails have become the replacements for state hospitals. I hate it when someone says or I read, that the reason so many mental health facilities closed was due to the advances made in medication and other treatments. Most people assume that “everything is OK and people are getting the help they need”, end of story.


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