Letchworth Village for the Developmentally Disabled and Epileptics & Cemetery

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Letchworth Village – New York State Custodial Institution for Epileptics and the Intellectually Disabled.
1916 Letchworth Village State Custodial Institution For Feeble-Minded and Epileptics.
Early State Schools in New York.
Letchworth Village Cemetery Names – Find A Grave.
Legend Tripping in Letchworth Village – AbandonedNYC – Will Ellis.

Letchworth Village

Letchworth Village

Photograph courtesy of The Museum of disABILITY History

Letchworth Village was established in 1912 to alleviate overcrowding at the existing state institutions of New York. Because the institution admitted people with developmental disabilities and people with epilepsy, a complex system of classification was established for both living arrangements and the educational training methods. Significant efforts were undertaken to ensure that the institutional atmosphere resembled a calm country village and emphasis was placed on the students’ happiness. Letchworth Village also focused on scientific research and Dr. George A. Jervis received international acclaim for his studies on phenylketonuria (PKU) in the 1930s.”

There is a plaque at the cemetery that has all the names of the patients who are buried there. I do not know if the town or any particular group maintains the cemetery.   

I have created a page for each state hospital and custodial institution cemetery that I know of in the hope that some group: historical societies, former patients, concerned citizens, may be interested in forming their own cemetery restoration, beautification group in order to memorialize and honor the people buried in anonymous, unmarked graves.


3 thoughts on “Letchworth Village for the Developmentally Disabled and Epileptics & Cemetery

  1. Is there anyone in Rockland county that is working to preserve the memories of the souls at the Letchworth cemetery or the history of the institution?


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