Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital & Cemetery

Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital served the counties of Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, and Ulster.

1916 Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital.

One of my blog followers has shared some great news about Middletown State Hospital. The Rockland Psychiatric Center has all the records for Middletown and will give the date of admission, date of death, and the marker number of your ancestor / loved one. The cemetery is located on Dorothy Dix Road, Middletown, NY. Call 845-359-1000 for more information.

Rockland Psychiatric Center
140 Old Orangeburg Road
Orangeburg, NY 10962

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO They’re Buried Where? by Seth Voorhees

THE BAD NEWS: Thousands Remain Nameless! 6.15.2015.

THE GOOD NEWS: One Man Is Remembered! 6.14.2015.


14 thoughts on “Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital & Cemetery

  1. I have been searching for my mothers uncles, Robert and Charles Smiley for many years. I have finally found Robert, who is buried in the Rome Developmental Cemetery in Rome NY, but am still trying to find where Charles is buried. I have found that he was an inmate at the Middletown State Hospital in 1940 and I am trying to locate the cemetery where he was laid to rest. We are also looking to obtain the medical files as to why both of these fellows were placed in State Hospitals at such young ages. Our Great Great Aunts were very closed mouth about them. I am so happy to see that there are others who want to see that their ancestors are remembered and honored.


  2. I am also searching for information about my grandfather Romolo Simeone i know that he was also a patient a the Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital. I wanted to find out how long he was there as my mother met him for the first time when she was 4 years old, he suffered from Bi-Polar disorder which was called Melancholy in those days, he was a furniture restorer and worked with his brothers who owned antique furniture stores in Manhattan. I know he was on the census in 1940 but i dont know if he was there till his death.

    This was a family secret and i just want some answers for my mom.


      • Good Morning,

        I have tried to order his death certificate however, the state cant find it, but he is buried with my grandmother in Saint Johns cemetery in Long Island NY, so I thought that was strange.


        Debra Paino
        Facilities Services Supervisor
        St. John’s University
        300 Howard Avenue
        Staten Island, NY 10301
        718-390-4543 (f)



    • Thank you for the link to records. I have a G grandmother who died at the facility as a patient. Suicide attempt by fire and she she died shortly thereafter. Can someone please tell me what is needed and how/if a great grandchild can get access to old records? I am also seeking to learn where my G grandmother is buried as she died at the Middletown Homeopathic Hospital in Dec 1923 or early 1924.


  3. I am searching for pictures of the Middletown State Hospital grounds, when it was open. I lived on the grounds as a child around 1968, when my father was a doctor there. Thanks.


    • I lived there as a child also and at about the same time. I only remember one person named Sue. I have photos from the Centennial book and also from the local historical society. Let me know if that interests you.

      I am writing to you from the 70 Building where my office at the NYS Department of Labor is. Fifty years later and I am back here. Life is strange.


  4. I have recently discovered that I was born at the Middletown NY Asylum on November 11, 1950. I am seeking a way to find the medical records for my mother. I know she was an inmate there at least three times, with 1950 being her final stay. Please help if you can.


  5. The cemetery is not on Dorothea Dix Drive and never was. It was up on the hill where West Main Street turns into Mt Hope Road. The graves were removed at least a decade ago to the Hillside Cemetary down off Monhagen Avenue, about a mile away. They are marked with stones with names and such. It’s likely that those with numbers were not moved; I’ll have to go look one day.

    There was a rumor a few years back that there had been a small, separate cemetery in a different l location for Jews only, but everyone who has looked has not found it.


    • There are/were 3 cemeteries. One off County Rte 78, which is possibly what everyone is calling Dorothea Dix Drive, another one off West Main Street where the hospital fields ended, and then another one just past that. Those two are marked with tiny markers but I believe there are no grave markers left [plus poison ivy, oak, and snakes]. If I remember to do it maybe I’ll post a photo of the graves that were moved to Hillside.


  6. Hi! Thank you for all your work. I am trying to find a great-grandmother who worked at Middletown State Hospital in the 1920s and 1930s as a Nurse. Do you know where I might find employment records for the hospital? I know she was working there as early as 1922, but I would love to know when she started working there (it might help me find her immigration records – from Scotland.)



  7. Hello, I am looking for info on my Great Grandfather Winchell E Stewart. He was an inmate on the 1940 census but I do not know why he was there. My grandmother, uncle and brother all had schizophrenia I was wondering if I could find out any info. He died at a hospital in Poughkeepsie NY. Thank You!


  8. Hi Linda! I’m trying to find more information about the patient-published newspaper at Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital, The Conglomerate. Do you know whether it was preserved, and whether it’s digitized anywhere?


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