ARRESTED John Allen, Director, Office of Mental Health, Office of Consumer Affairs

Hello Friends! My last blog post on October 12, 2016, was entitled, “Good Bye!”  There are a few reasons why I have not written any posts. First of all, I had written over 200 factual articles which required countless hours of research. At this time in my life, I am not willing, nor am I able, to devote that much time sitting in front of my computer. Secondly, the nature of this subject matter is extremely depressing and not good for my mental health. Thirdly, I was tired of banging my head against wall trying to convince the New York State Office of Mental Health to release the names of former patients in an online format, etc. If you have read past posts, I don’t need to fill you in.

A friend of mine contacted me with some very disturbing news about John Allen, Director, Office of Mental Health, Office of Consumer Affairs. Here is his mugshot from the Albany County Jail.

John Allen-Albany County Jail

John Allen-Albany County Jail

This is the man who was in charge of Consumer Affairs. This is the man that everyone had to go through to get answers. This is the man who had total control over what we could and could not learn about our family members; former patients of New York State Hospitals/Asylums, who died YEARS AGO and were buried in anonymous, unmarked graves in the state owned cemeteries of these 26 state run institutions. In my judgement, any deal that was made between the New York State Legislature and John Allen should be null and void. Hopefully, we can start over and write the bill that I wanted written in the first place but I’m not holding my breath. Two years after my last blog post I have reached 507,475 hits without any new blog posts. Read the comments! Clearly, there are people out there who are still searching for help, trying to locate any information on their long lost loved ones!

News10 Albany – By Anya Tucker
Updated: Sep 26, 2018 05:20 PM EDT

Times Union Albany – By Paul Nelson
Updated 8:44 pm EDT, Thursday, September 20, 2018

Spectrum News – Capital Region


7 thoughts on “ARRESTED John Allen, Director, Office of Mental Health, Office of Consumer Affairs

  1. Shocking. I have been trying to gain information on my grandmother who died at Willard after being there for 25 years. Never got the information. What can we do with and about this in light of this disclosure?


  2. Unfortunately, the fact that this criminal has been arrested and fired isn’t going to change the NYS Office of Mental Health’s interpretation of the law regarding allowing family members access to the records of people who were at Willard and other state hospitals. I know, because I had that job before him, and when I was there, the state allowed families access if they documented their relationship. After they got rid of me and hired him more than 15 years ago, he got them to change their interpretation. I think the law needs to be amended to make it crystal clear that descendants have the right to access these records in accordance with federal HIPAA laws.


  3. Disgusting and very disturbing story. Hope they throw the book at him. More over, I hope families searching for information finally get answers.

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  4. John Allen had a bunch of us working on the Willard Suitcase Project. We were each assigned two suitcases in an attempt to find the owner’s living relatives (names were assigned 8/6/18). I found both of my clients and submitted it within a week. They haven’t done anything with the information. In fact, at the time of his arrest, nobody had accepted my invitation to the trees I’d created. After his arrest, there has been very little contact with the volunteers (I had 4 friends also working on it – none of us have heard much of anything other than the show will go on). The ancestry subscriptions are about to run out, and there has been no communication of any plan. Very frustrating to know that there is information available, but we can’t disclose it and they may be people looking for it.


    • I have a few questions for you. 1. How many people were given free accounts? I heard there were about 300 volunteers. 2. How much did each account cost? 3. I was told that the NYS Office of Mental Health paid for these subscriptions with tax payer funds. 4. I was also told that each volunteer had to give their username and password to OMH. Can you provide any answers for me? I thank you for trying to help others find their deceased relatives. Sincerely, Lin


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