The Social Welfare History Project 12.10.2014

This was a previously posted page that I have decided to turn into a post. The only thing that makes me sad is that Dr. Hansan removed much of my commentary before he “reprinted” my research. Keep in mind that historical research takes hours and hours of reading and transcribing. It was not an easy task but well worth the effort. ALL of these blog posts can be found on this blog in their original form.

“I am very proud and honored that John E. Hansan, Ph.D., creator of THE SOCIAL WELFARE HISTORY PROJECT website, has chosen to share 24 articles from my blog, THE INMATES OF WILLARD. I don’t normally blow my own horn, but what the hell, I’m thrilled that my research has been shared on this educational website. Thank You, Dr. Hansan! (Page Created 12.10.2014)

The Social History Welfare History Project

The Social Welfare History Project

The Social Welfare History Project – Contributor Bio – Linda S. Stuhler 11.11.2013.
Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital: New York – 1891 1.20.2014.
Our New York State Charities: 1873 1.18.2013.
The Willard Asylum for the Insane: Steward’s Report 1900 1.18.2014.
New York State Charities Aid Association: 1873 1.6.2014.
Colony For Epileptics: 1914 12.3.2013.
New York State Care System For The Insane Completed: 1896 1.18.2014.
Deportation of the Insane Aliens: 1907 1.14.2014.
Schuyler, Louisa Lee 1.3.2014.
Syracuse State Institution For Feeble-Minded Children: 1916 12.3.2013.
Care of the Filthy Cases of Insane: 1885 11.23.2013.
State Care of the Insane: New York 1901 11.22.2013.
Hammond, Dr. William A. 11.21.2013.
New York State’s County Poor Houses: 1864 11.20.2013.
The Care Of The Insane In New York (1736 – 1912) 11.18.2013.
After Care for the Insane: New York State 1906 11.22.2013.
Chapin, John B., M.D., LL.D. 11.21.2013.
Hoyt, Dr. Charles S. 11.21.2013.
A Brief History of Government Charity in New York (1603 – 1900) 11.18.2013.
The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda 11.18.2013.
Willard, Sylvester D. 11.12.2013.
Kirkbride, Thomas Story 11.11.2013.
Scientific Charity Movement and Charity Organization Societies 11.10.2013.
Brigham, Amariah 11.12.2013.
Poor House Conditions: Albany County, New York – 1864 11.11.2013.”


5 thoughts on “The Social Welfare History Project 12.10.2014

  1. I for one, will always be grateful for your research and persistence concerning the topic, an aide in the fight to allow families to gain information regarding their loved ones. Were it not for you, there would not be an organized movement to release those medical records. Why NY takes the painfully insulting stance it does, continues to frustrate and enrage me.


  2. Thankfully, Delaware follows the guidelines of the Library of Congress is understanding that HIPAA only applies for 50 years after a person’s death. I am getting ready to publish a book about the Delaware State (Mental) Hospital, using admission ledgers from 1894-1920. I selected 186 case studies, and trace the patients before and after their stay in the hospital, using resources such as ancestry dot com, familysearch dot org, findagrave, and newspapers dot com. You can find more information about my work at farnhurst dot weebly dot com. Keep up the good work.


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