Willard Cemetery at FIND A GRAVE

New York State Hospitals at FIND A GRAVE

As I find more, I will add them to this list.

Willard State Hospital Cemetery: Willard Asylum Cemetery in Willard, New York – Find a Grave Cemetery

Gowanda State Hospital Cemetery: Gowanda State Hospital Cemetery in Collins, New York – Find a Grave Cemetery

Binghamton State Hospital Cemetery: Binghamton State Hospital Cemetery in Binghamton, New York – Find a Grave Cemetery

Central Islip State Hospital (No Names-Only Numbered Graves): Central Islip State Hospital Grounds Cemetery in Central Islip, New York – Find a Grave Cemetery


3 thoughts on “Willard Cemetery at FIND A GRAVE

  1. I am looking for my great aunts grave at Central Islip state hospital. How do I find her grave if there are only numbers? I have reached out to the state several times to no response.


  2. Do you know of anyone who has been able to find and obtain the medical records of a close relative who was housed at Willard for a long period of time? Any information on this would be much appreciated. >


    • I know that before the HIPAA Laws people were able to get medical records. You cannot get them now even if your ancestor died in 1869. Although I wanted to get the medical records of my great-great-grandmother, I thought if I got the names released of the people buried in the cemetery, it would open the door to releasing the medical records. Of course, neither happened. If you want to find your relative in the cemetery, go to Find A Grave. Someone, not I, has obtained the cemetery records and put them on the internet.


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