Jon Crispin – Willard Suitcases

Here is the link to Jon Crispin’s beautiful new website, Willard Suitcases.

Jon Crispin Suitcase 6 -

Jon Crispin Suitcase 6 –

Jon Crispin Suitcase 2 -

Jon Crispin Suitcase 2 –


7 thoughts on “Jon Crispin – Willard Suitcases

  1. Thank you for sharing..I will definitely check it out. I do enjoy your posts on the Willard updates. I find your information on other topics so interesting. The poorhouse information was so interesting! Thanks for sharing.


  2. My mother was patient late 1960s can not find any record would like find them for medical reasons how can I find out tried links even Albany records dead end


    • I tried this with my mother but it didn’t work. She had dementia. I asked her doctor if he would fill out the paperwork to send to the Office of Mental Health so we could see if my great-grandmother, who died at Willard in 1928, also was diagnosed with dementia. He refused. I got another doctor to fill out the paperwork but the OMH said they had no info on my great-grandmother. Big Lie! Good luck to you!


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