Rochester State Hospital & Mt. Hope Cemetery

Rochester State Hospital (Rochester, Monroe County, New York), served the counties of Monroe and Livingston. My understanding is that the anonymous graves are located in section Y of Mt. Hope Cemetery.

1916 Rochester State Hospital.
Rochester State Hospital
Rochester State Hospital – OPACITY.
Rochester State Hospital – Rochester, NY – 9.7.2013.
1872 “Bone Yard” The Remember Garden – Rochester, NY – 4.18.2013.
The Willard and Rochester State Hospital Connection – 4.18.2012.
1888 Monroe County Insane Asylum (Names).

Monroe County Poor House & Rochester State Hospital

Monroe County Poor House & Rochester State Hospital


Very interesting article on the use of TREADMILLS in Rochester, New York:
1843 A Christmas Carol – 12.9.2013.

Duffy’s Malt Whiskey Company, Rochester, New York:
1921 Duffy’s Malt Whiskey – Nostrums For Good Health! – 1.29.2014.

Susan B. Anthony:
1860 Susan B. Anthony – 10.19.2012.

Anonymous Burial In Rochester, NY:
Sally Green’s Anonymous Burial – 2.24.2012.

The Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery.
City of Rochester – Mount Hope Cemetery.
City of Rochester, Monroe County, New York.
The University of Rochester’s Connection to “Our Quietest Neighbor” – Rochester’s Hope (Includes Map of Mt. Hope Cemetery from 1885).
1906 Elopements, Suicides & Accidents at New York State Hospitals – 8.2.2012.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO They’re Buried Where? by Seth Voorhees

THE BAD NEWS: Thousands Remain Nameless! 6.15.2015.

THE GOOD NEWS: One Man Is Remembered! 6.14.2015.


1 thought on “Rochester State Hospital & Mt. Hope Cemetery

  1. Looking for grave site of. my grandmother, IDA PHILLIPS RICHARTZ, passed away in 1950’s at Pilgram State (or possibly another mental hospital in close proximity to Pilgram)


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