1864 Queens County Poor House

Queens county has but fifty-five pauper inmates in its county house. Eight of this number are lunatics; five are males, and three are females, all are of foreign birth. Seven have been admitted within the last four years. None have received treatment in an asylum. All are mild cases; five are able to do some labor, the rest amuse themselves about the premises without restraint. The house has water, but no bathing tub, and the insane are only required to wash hands and face. There is on the farm a pond of clear water, with sandy bottom, where they bathe in the summer time, if they please, occasionally under supervision. Two and three sleep in one bed; all are comfortably fed and comfortably cared for, and have changes of garments. Recent cases are received, and the county physician, visits the institution daily. They all appear clean and neat, and their treatment aims also at their recovery.”

SOURCE: Documents of the Assembly Of The State Of New York, Eighty-Eighth Session, 1865, Volume 6, Nos. 199 to 112 Inclusive, Albany: C. Wendell, Legislative Printer, 1865, Page 209.

New York State County Poor Houses.